Genesys Adapter for Salesforce

Elevate your CX by combining the power of Genesys and Salesforce applications

Genesys Adapter for Salesforce

When a customer calls, the primary task of the contact center is to either answer the query quickly and without any delay or navigate to another application to verify the customer’s details. Customer interactions are time consuming and require recording numerous customer satisfaction surveys. To solve this problem, we have the Gadaget’s Genesys Cloud Adapter for Salesforce.

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Benefits of Salesforce Adapter

Some of the main benefits of Genesys Adapter for Salesforce is listed below

  • Integrates Adapter with CRM architecture to enable a single desktop for all interactions
  • With Open CTI, you can directly make calls from a softphone in Salesforce without installing CTI adapters on your machines.
  • Custom automation can be done by LMS (LMS is every single stage of a call is sent to the client)
  • Based on the salesforce URL, the adapter will find where to connect the softphone
  • Unifies customer information and interaction handling within the Salesforce UI
  • Eliminates Workstation software dependencies with complete thin-client architecture
  • Lower costs through a pre-built integration
  • Consistent multichannel experiences
  • Improved Frist Call Resolution
    Adapter is stand-alone and embedded (softphone)
  • JavaScript SDK and WebRTC SDK are used to connect the audio to the customer
  • When the softphone WebRTC is disconnected then the adapter WebRTC will act as primary functioning it will try to connect to the CRM. Without disconnecting the calls, the WebRTC will search for the connection
  • Enabling the agent to control their status
  • Agent can attend the call by any of the two methods, i.e., selection by queue and selection by phone.

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