A Contact Center Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

CCaaSSync - Backup and Recovery Solutions

The CCaaSSync provides high availability and a disaster recovery solution in the event of planned or unplanned downtime. When the primary environment fails, the backup (recovery) environment takes over, which is in sync with the primary environment’s Genesys configurations. Operation Managers can use the sync option to synchronize selected objects or the entire primary environment to the backup (recovery) environment. It offers a data protection strategy to ensure that every Genesys object in the primary environment is completely replicated in the backup (recovery) environment and readily available during outages. Graphical representation of data enables users to visualize and track the Genesys configuration objects changes.

Key Benefits of CCaaSSync

Sync Logs

View the history of Genesys objects synchronization from the primary to the backup (recovery) environment.

Know your configurations in detail

Visually see the number of changes made to the Genesys objects in the primary environment.


Visualize variations in Genesys configuration between two different environments.

Region Information

Displays the environment that is currently active state in the solution. 

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Features of CCaaSSync

Some of the main Features of CCaaSSync (DR Mapping and DR Switch) is listed below.

  • Visualization of Genesys configuration differences between primary and backup environments.
  • Pictorial representation of the Genesys object changes.
  • One-Click Sync to synchronize configuration.
  • Exporting Sync logs in .txt for easy viewing in any text editor.
  • Clean up the replica deleted from the recovery site.
  • Quickly and easily switch over to the backup infrastructure in the event of a disaster.
  • Excel exportable Reports for easy understanding of who and when an active region was switched.

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