A closed loop customer feedback solution to improve your Customer Experience


Survey360 is a secure cloud-based application that allows users to create dynamic and engaging survey questionnaires quickly with few easy steps. A carefully designed survey will make customers engage tightly on questions which can reveal a great deal of information about the customers perceptions on the products/services, the customer service delivered which improves net promote score and retain the most valuable customers. Businesses of all sizes can use this application to build surveys to gather various business insights, viz. customer experience, satisfaction levels, market research etc., and collect product feedback from selected audience.

Key Features of Survey360

Customized Survey Options

With Survey360, one can create and deploy customized surveys within minutes. Survey360 offers a lot of flexibility in terms of creating a multi-lingual survey and supports multi-channel where the surveys can be seamlessly offered right after voice, chat, or email customer interactions.

Drag & Drop Survey Options

Users can use the drag and drop feature to build personalized surveys and to organize the survey blocks such as messages, questions, and logic in appropriate order to present the survey design in a better way. Users can distribute individual responses back to the respondent via email.

Reporting & Analysis

Survey360 produces the data insights with intuitive graphical representations and tables which can offer more granular understanding of the qualitative data received from a survey. It allows to analyze the data in real-time and the results can be exported in a variety of file formats including, PDF, Excel, and CSV, to make better-informed business decisions and proactively seek out improvement opportunities in different business capabilities.

TTS Voice Based Survey

Survey360 offers one to upload pre-recorded customized audio files and map them for directions, questions, and responses to the survey. Also, it offers a powerful text-to-speech converter to record audio messages for specific events and personalize them by formatting for acronyms, dates, times, and abbreviations to make surveys look better to customers.

Scheduled Survey

Survey360 offers to set timing and frequency to conduct a survey so that customers can choose their convenient time to fill the survey thereby avoids the risk of customers getting frustrated for receiving too many survey invites. The preview option displays the entire survey as a presentation and helps to test how the customer might interact with the survey design.

Easy Survey Cloning

With Survey360, one can copy the previously created surveys so one can re-use their questions and logic to build a survey in seconds.

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Benefits of Survey360

Some of the key benefits of Survey360 application is listed below

  • Improved customer experience
  • Safe and secure – Keep your survey data secure
  • Real-time analytics offers deep insights to measure the customer experience metrics
  • Highly cost effective providing very strong ROI.
  • Ability to access the application from anywhere at any time
  • Build unlimited questionnaires with complex logic with ease and deliver an engaging survey experience
  • Increase productivity – Conduct surveys on an on-demand or scheduled basis
  • Obtain a 360-degree view of the experience you deliver your customers

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