Dynamic Contact Center Manager

A contact center management solution built for contact center operations teams

DCCM - Dynamic Contact Center Manager

Contact centers are the most-preferred communication medium for customers to reach out for service and support. Its environment is dynamic and challenging for the operations teams to manage effectively when experiencing large influx of calls, emergency closures, and unplanned local holidays. The browser-based application “Dynamic Contact Center Manager (DCCM)” empowers your contact center operations teams to rapidly and safely change the operational parameters such as routing strategies, balancing call loads, agent queues, and skills to its changing conditions and ensure that the customer experience doesn’t suffer.

Quickly and accurately identify parameters and avoids confusion

Ability to create friendly tags/aliases for cryptic parameter names that makes it easier to identify and adjust the right parameters that works best for you to achieve the target SLA objectives and optimal customer experience.

Take control of the configuration process in your contact center with DCCM

Secure configuration for critical contact center parameters, can be implemented by adjusting parameters without changing the actual routing design logics, giving control to the right contact center authorities and maintaining a complete audit trail of changes.

Improve the customer engagement strategy for your business

Copy/Clone your best contact center agents by replicating their skill, skill level, and queue combination and ensure consistent delivery of customer service. Maximize productivity by quickly importing the set of skills and parameter changes on an on-demand or scheduled basis, either recurring or one-time basis and make the changes significantly more manageable and less laborious. Quickly deploy changes and rollback to the previous one if something goes wrong with the new one. Automatic email alerts are sent out to concerned authorities when the scheduled jobs end successfully.

Achieve greater visibility into configurations for making better decisions

Quickly captures all changes made by business users/command center operators in your Contact Center, including the parameter and agent skill changes and produces reports that can be exported to review offline.

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Benefits of Dynamic Contact Center Manager

The powerful Dynamic Contact Center Manager application includes

  • Browser-based interface, Secure and easy to use.
  • Get in-depth real-time reports with graphs and charts and download them as reports.
  • Generates user-friendly reports for each change made in the contact center.
  • Apply changes with predefined templates.
  • Build a secure system with role-based access control.
  • Reduce configuration errors by regulating changes.
  • Back up Genesys Cloud configurations either manually or on a scheduled basis.
  • Creates a platform to do template-based provisioning, managing and monitoring the Genesys cloud infrastructure.
  • Make multiple changes at the same time, in one click.
  • Improve agent utilization by disabling inactive agents.
  • Rollback changes to its previous values in the case of misconfiguration.
  • Build multilingual prompts on the fly with a powerful TTS engine.
  • Manage a large volume of real-time data.
  • Sends automated email alerts whenever a scheduled job ends.
  • Reset your agent password, at any time.

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