Contact Center Testing - STAMP

An end-to-end contact center IVR automated testing solution

Contact Center IVR Testing - STAMP

Interactive Voice Response technology and its applications are countless, perpetually developing and complicated. Running numerous applications on distinct platforms can signify potential points of breakdown which negatively effects operations, customer’s service and your outcomes. We provide an application tool “STAMP“ which offers a comprehensive and fully automated testing solutions to the IVR and contact centers in real world. STAMP’s unparalleled performance making it first choice in the leading IVR and contact center testing tools. STAMP enables the fast and accurate analysis of various performances of the contact center solutions. STAMP creates test plans and simulates the contact center solutions through the web interfaces from one end to another end. The simulated test plans can be evaluated to provide quality test services. Through STAMP you can also create real world call traffics to fully test the voice quality and the response of the systems that are viewed from customers point.

With STAMP monitoring services your contact center will be tested concurrently or sequentially, if any issues are detected, you will be immediately notified via email, text or phone call.  We offer most user friendly IVR and contact center monitoring solutions such as,

  • Whether the expected prompt is played?
  • Connectivity and the voice quality issues.
  • Time characteristics of the call.
  • Records and makes reports on the performance issue of the contact center.

Key Features of STAMP

The powerful IVR System Test And Monitoring Platform application includes

IVR Testing

IVR testing is a key process to be carried out for every IVR system for providing a great customer experience. The Stamp application involves not just testing the functions of the IVR systems, but also how well the IVR program performs under various stress and error conditions. STAMP application also evaluates the speech quality of the recorded voice prompts. STAMP supports both DTMF and mp3 inputs to test the IVR applications.

Performance and Regression Testing

STAMP can generate real-world traffic with ability to place calls to designated call flows of your contact centre platform to ensure that applications / solution have been properly engineered to meet current and future performance requirement. STAMP performs an automated regression testing to ensure that the existing system has no negative impacts when modifications are made to any parts of the contact center environment.

Multi channel testing tool (Voice, E-mail, Chat)

STAMP provides seamless automation testing of customer experience through Voice, E-mail and Chat in your Contact Center platform.

Simulated Contact Center Agent Behavior

STAMP enables you to create agent activities to test various scenarios of Agent interaction handling (Ready, Not-ready, Hold, Transfer, etc…), CTI-Screen pop and routing strategy.

Easy to Use

STAMP is a web-based and easy-to-use automation testing portal to simulate and performance test your contact center platform. Create and Build Test scenarios to execute or schedule test plans to identify any issues in your contact center platform.

Email Notifications

Email alert notification to the users if any test plans failure occurs during test execution or any issues found in the scheduled test plans associated to production environment monitoring.

Cradle-to-grave reporting

STAMP provides cradle to grave reporting of call commencement to call termination. The reports are represented graphically in which user can drill down the information that allows organizations to easily and quickly measure the issues in your contact center solutions. All test calls are recorded (wav format) and can be played back in your web browser.

Integration with HP Quality Center Test Management Tool

STAMP offers pre-packaged integration with HP QC test management tool which allows customers to synchronize test cases and the results and defects can be linked to STAMP test results.

Enhance your Workforce with our Solutions​

Benefits of STAMP

The benefits of using System Test And Monitoring Platform is listed below

  • Accelerate time-to-market for new and updated contact center and IVR applications
  • Significant overall cost savings and ROI
  • True insights on the customer experience before production rollout
  • End-to-end test analysis of all customer interactions (Voice, Email and Chat)
  • Improve customer experience
  • Proactive contact center applications monitoring in the production environment

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