Customer Experience Insights

Smarter analytics for optimal customer experience

Contact Center Customer Experience Insights

Analyze the entire customer journey and derive valuable and meaningful insights to improve your business strategies. Gadaget’s Customer Experience Insights UI gives you the holistic information to better understand the patterns of the customer behaviour and help you in making best decisions for your business. The application comes with single view reporting which pinpoints trending keywords, phrases, customer emotions that are hidden in the captured customer conversation, for different time ranges. These factors allow organizations to identify potential issues that disrupt both the customer experience and revenue.

CXI helps you to

Elevate your Customer Experience

Monitor the entire customer journey and identify opportunities to increase engagement, ROI, and drive retention

Identify trends in customer interaction

Monitor the trends in customer interaction to identify the customer friction points

Understand your customer

Understand your customer needs and adapt your business to the current market trends

Make better decisions

Gain valuable insights with single view reporting to take the better decisions on potential issues

Enhance your Workforce with our Solutions​

Features of Customer Experience Insights

Some of the main Benefits of the CXi is listed below.

  • Captures 100% of all customer-agent interactions
  • Quickly recognize key trends and issues
  • Gain complete visibility of the trending keywords and phrases
  • Capable of displaying trends and information with stunning graphics
  • Reduce liability exposure by securing interaction records from modification
  • Roles-based security
  • Create reports to highlight or identify insightful information
  • Capable of exporting concise set of customer interaction insights
  • Ability to trace the entire customer journey using different criteria
  • Ability to view all contextual data for call, including conversation ID, to track call in the logs with timestamps

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