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Minimize disruption to contact centers by streamlining the change process

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Change Management Solution

Contact center changes are essential and inevitable for any organization to succeed and develop strategies to stay competitive. However, while making the changes, it is important to avoid disrupting the functioning condition of the operations. Frequent changes could directly or indirectly impact customer service operations and cost a lot of money and time to fix.

Our Change Management Solution accelerates the change process and keeps focused on identifying and controlling every configuration change. Its change management framework eliminates the risk of unauthorized changes and disruption or downtime caused due to poorly managed changes.

How Our Change Management Solution Works

Complete Change Execution

Plan and propose a change request to authorized individuals for review and approval to eliminate risks that cause unwanted stoppages and downtime. CMS helps you manage your change processes across all critical configuration parameters of the configuration server, environment, and agents. The CMS application makes it simple and quick to make complex configuration changes, such as changing the value of the configuration objects, migrating objects from one environment to another, and changing objects by comparing two versions. CMS offers full traceability of end-to-end changes for auditing purposes and helps optimize the change management process.

Increase the Speed of Change Implementation

Gain deeper visibility and ensure implementation of the planned changes. You can quickly add object changes to the default templates and easily import your object changes to the Genesys configuration. Manage changes through a single interface enables your team to monitor planned object changes and apply and undo applied changes. Get last change information to your team before a change is implemented and increase their confidence in applying changes to production.

Drive actionable strategy to make changes aligned with the business goal

CMS provides a dashboard view every user can use to find the change management activities such as new, implemented, rolled-back changes with the timeline. This dashboard helps organization to ensure that the change activities are aligned with the change management goals and improves decision making.

Streamline and Control Change Management Process

Simplify your approach to changes with manual and automated options for executing requests at a given point in time. Snapshot your functioning configurations for data backup along with versions, so you can quickly roll back changes in the event of configuration issues.

Enhance your Workforce with our Solutions​

Benefits of Change Management Solution

Time to market

Reduce cycle time and implement the Genesys configuration changes right away

Reduce Downtime

Implement new changes without any disruption or downtime

Fast Recovery

Quickly recover by rolling back failed changes

Increase ROI

Increases ROI with regards to time and cost

Features of Change Management Solution

Some of the main Features of Genesys Cloud Change Management is listed below

  • Trace the change management activities over time
  • Trace the change request at the user/status level
  • Lists the 5 most recent updates to change requests
  • Enables comparing a snapshot object with CME or between two snapshots
  • Box note feature, to stay updated with what, when and why the changes
  • Ability to identify, rollback, verify changes quickly
  • Save time by cloning an existing CR
  • Ability to migrate the objects from one environment to other
  • Equipped with quick and powerful search engine feature to find change requests
  • Role-based access control to approve and manage changes
  • Export/Import changes
  • Fast data comparison and synchronization – Compare and synchronize data between configuration objects available in different environments or within same environment, with one click
  • Verify changes before it is applied
  • Scheduled system backup operations
  • Reusable templates for bulk changes
  • Email alert notification
  • Single click XML, PDF and Excel export options
  • Scheduled change operations

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